Air Conditioning Repair Guide

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Know When To Get Air Conditioning Repair Or Replacement


It is extremely important to have your air conditioning unit working as what it was supposed to be throughout warm months. If the system is serviced regularly throughout the season, then you can catch issues before they become a headache and make your AC breakdown. With some of the repair issues to AC, it might be a lot simpler to replace the whole unit instead. With this in mind, the question that many are asking is, when is the right time to replace the system instead of repairing it?


For units that are less than 10 years old, ac service dubai is quite common. In this type of system, parts needed can be obtained easily. What is meant by this is that, they will cost you less than finding new parts for outdated units. In addition to that, your technicians are more familiar with the kind of technology used in the unit. At the same time, trying to fix the unit is a lot cheaper than replacing it. On average, you will need to spend around 4000 dollars to buy a new air conditioning unit compared to the average 300 to 600 dollars for repairs.


To figure out whether it is ideal to replace the unit or just call ac service dubai technician, you can use this formula: AC unit's age x cost of repair. In the event that the total is more than 5000 dollars, then it is the high time to consider getting an air conditioning replacement. For instance, if your system is around 9 years old and the repair costs you 300 dollars, the total is going to be 2700 dollars which makes it ideal to just repair the problem instead of replacing it.


Needless to say, air conditioning repair works only if the unit stays fixed for set period of time. You probably do not want to replace the same parts constantly because the unit is not working correctly anymore. If you will apply the same formula above and figured out that the unit's maintenance is greater than 5000 dollars, then replacing it is no doubt a good idea. Check out for more info about HVAC services.


Moreover, you have to know what kind of refrigerant your unit is using as this can help as well in trying to determine whether to replace the system or not. Older units make use of chlorofluorocarbon which can be quite damaging for the environment. Models manufactured after 2010 use a different refrigerant which is environmentally friendly.